"Brigsby Bear" was directed by Dave McCary and screened at Sundance Film Festival. The movie is a comedy/drama that follows the story of James who lives with his parents in a bunker. However, the people he lives with aren't his real parents and it turns out that James was abducted when he was a baby and grew up with his abductors. Now, James is out in the real world exploring everything for the first time but he is plagued by his home comfort, "Brigsby Bear." When he finds out that there are no more episodes of the beloved character he decides that he has to create them.

Casting includes such actors as Kyle Mooney, Greg Kinnear, and Andy Samberg.

The story of a child abduction he didn't know happened

Kyle Mooney takes on the role of character James. James is a twenty something who believes that he has to live in a bunker with his parents. He was convinced that they can't go outside because the air was too dangerous. James lived his life in the bunker enjoying the adventures of "Brigsby Bear" made up by his abductors April and Ted -- played by Mark Hamill and Jane Adams.

James is eventually found by the police and is informed that he was the victim of a kidnapping. He was taken from the hospital when he was a baby and his parents have been searching for him ever since.

James' entire world is rocked but "Brigsy Bear" explores this in a fun way, making the audience forget all about the beginning of the movie. James explores all the things he has missed out on in life such as parties, friends, and girls.

James brings 'Brigsby Bear' to life

As James tries to acclimate to real life with his biological parents "Brigsby Bear" continues to haunt him.

He needs more episodes of the heroic bear and decides that the world deserves to know about "Brigsby Bear." James and his newfound friends decide to make the series a reality. James becomes his hero "Brisby Bear" in the comedic tale of the hero who is a bear.

"Brigsby Bear" is the only thing that ties James to his past life in the bunker.

Through his obsession with "Brigsby," the consequences of a child abduction are explored. While the movie is fun and quirky the underlying serious themes follow James' newfound freedom. James is an odd character but he never feels the consequence of being ostracized, as he is met only with kindness. This, of course, is the result of James' abduction whether he realizes it or not.

"Brigsby Bear" was screened at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and received a great response. The movie was due to arrive in select theaters on July 18.