It has been half a decade ever since the rumors about a “Jeepers Creepers” sequel being in the works has first emerged. Even though production updates for the highly anticipated spinoff have remained elusive, latest reports suggested that the 2001 horror movie franchise will be turned into a comics while rumors have it that the third installment of the film will hit the theaters in September.

Ever since the film was first released 16 years ago, Victor Salva’s cult horror movie series has attracted a solid movie fan base after the uncanny depiction of its iconic winged villain called “The Creeper.” The said mythical corn field creature goes for a 23-day feeding frenzy every 23rd day of spring.

Salva’s horror series, however, went silent for five years — with no concrete updates following the release of its sequel in 2003 until Myriad Pictures announced that it will fund a “Jeepers Creepers 3” sequel in September 2015. Since then, the hype for the long-in-the-works spin-off returned when its full production reportedly started in 2016.

Comic deal

Despite the scarcity of the sequel’s updates, New Jersey-based publisher Dynamite reportedly signed a deal with MGM to release a comic-version of the horror winged creeper film. While the creative team has yet to be revealed, Dan Wickline of Bleeding Cool hinted that its release might coincide with the premiere of its third installment, which is currently in post-production.

Release date and fourth sequel

The release date for the upcoming “Jeepers Creepers” sequel has yet to be announced but latest rumors suggested the spinoff will be released in September. Aside from this sketchy detail, the fourth installment of the franchise is reportedly underway since it already had a “script.” In a Movie Web report in May, actress Gina Philips (who plays the role of Trish Jenner in the film franchise) revealed that a fourth spinoff was already planned.

Philips added that creator and director Victor Salva has written the next chapter following the conclusion of the third installment. The actress also hinted that Salva will include some flashbacks to the fourth sequel so viewers can have an insight on what her character (Trish) had been through over the last 15 years.

In spite of the plans for another spin-off, it remains uncertain whether or not the production for a fourth sequel will push through.

The reason? The plans will definitely depend on the third sequel’s box office success.

Sequel’s plot

Meanwhile, the plot for the upcoming creeper spinoff will reportedly delve deeper into the events of the first two films, which means the upcoming installment will be a sequel to the 2001 film and a prequel of the 2003 spinoff. It will also concentrate more on present-day Trish Jenner, who has a teenage son named Darry, a name taken after her brother (played by Justin Long) who was killed by the Creeper (Jonathan Breck).

The film will also follow Trish’s final quest to kill the vicious and winged corn field creature. She will reportedly join Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. (played by Ray Wise and Jon Powell) to finish her mission while a group of hunters led by Meg Foster will also be featured in the sequel.

‘Terrifying new chapter’

Even though there are no concrete updates, Salva once promised the fans that the upcoming installment of his horror film franchise for a “terrifying new chapter” as it explores the secrets of the Creeper’s “dark origins.” Salva said, "What will go before cameras as 'Jeepers Creepers 3' is a new and terrifying chapter from the Jeepers universe. We are bringing back the Creeper's truck, and will be addressing the big questions about The Creeper: what it is, where it came from and why it does what it does."