"Days Of Our Lives" fans will see the role of Bonnie Lockhart reprised by Judi Evans this week. She hasn't been in Salem for a long time. Do you need a refresher on who she is? Here is all the information you will need to understand who she is.

The following will contain spoilers for "Days of Our Lives." If you want to test your memory, stop reading now.

Judi Evans will be joining Deidra Hall in pulling double duty on the set of "Days of Our Lives." As previously reported, Deidre will be reprising Hattie this week. Apparently, Ron Carlivati saved the tidbit that Judi Evans would be reprising Bonnie Lockhart.

What is Bonnie's history?

Bonnie Lockhart was once married to a guy named David. They had three children, two sons, Connor and Patrick Bryan, and a daughter, Mimi. The couple divorced and she was a single parent. Belle Brady got Habitat for Humanity to build Bonnie and her children a home after she found out they were living in a tent because of their dire circumstances.

Bonnie was on the prowl for a new man when Maggie was thought to have been murdered by the Salem Stalker. She quickly set her sights on Mickey, determined to be the new Mrs. Horton in "Days of Our Lives." The two moved in together and she took over running Maggie's restaurant, renaming it "Alice's" and transforming it into a country bar.

Maggie, however, was not dead. She was actually on Tony Dimera's island. When she returned, Mickey had to choose between the two women. In the end, he stuck with Maggie and Bonnie was sent on her way. Mickey did let her keep "Alice's", however.

According to "She Knows," Bonnie pushed her only daughter into having an abortion when she became pregnant by Rex Dimera.

Mimi got an infection from the procedure that made her sterile. She stayed busy stirring up trouble for her kids and running the bar. Bonnie and Roman found time for a brief flirtation but nothing ever became of it.

There is a suspicion that Bonnie and her sons are involved in something criminal. When a skeleton turned up in an abandoned basement it turned out to be her ex-husband, David.

The three seemed to be linked to the skeletal remains.

Bonnie was last seen on "Days of Our Lives" in 2007. She is not one of Salem's finest residents for sure. In between jail stints, she worked as a housecleaner and a con artist. Bonnie was always into something and her return should bring more of the same.

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