david foster and Elizabeth Hurley are reportedly dating after years of sharing their treasured friendship. E! News has learned that the 52-year old model has finally developed a romantic relationship with this hunky record producer. The rumored couple first sparked the dating news when both of them were spotted boarding on a Private Jet as they headed to Olbia, Italy. As their photos surfaced online, their followers couldn't stop speculating that the two have become more than just friends.

Couple in all smiles

As the unconfirmed couple headed off to Italy, both were seen happily smiling at the Italy airport.

Hurley was spotted walking on the airport while Foster has stayed right on her side. Meanwhile, another source has told E! News that the rumored couple also went on a group vacation together with their friends. In addition to this, one of their pals has shared their photo online which featured Foster and Hurley sitting very close to each other on a luxurious yacht.

It has been believed that both have known each other for several years. Hence, it is no stranger if the two will develop a new romance towards each other. As of now, the rumored couple is yet to give a comment or confirmed over the latest news. Their followers also looked forward to them to finally come out and address their real relationship status.

Photo snaps on Instagram

As their romance rumors continued, Hurley's Instagram followers couldn't help but noticed the series of photo snaps she has shared on her page. In one of her post, Hurley was seen in all smiles as she wore her bikini paired with her flippers. Her recent photos showed how enjoyable her recent vacation was.

Meanwhile, the supermodel also wrote a caption that says, "Always judge a woman by her shoes."

On the other hand, Foster was also spotted sharing a snap on his Instagram page.

His photos have featured him riding in a private jet where he wrote a caption, "This beautiful masterpiece took us to Italy!" Without a doubt, the rumored couple has shared their private time together in Italy. During their trip, Foster was also reported spending some of his time to his two daughters, Erin and Sara.

Hence, fans couldn't stop speculating that Foster has already introduced Hurley to his children. Further, more of their photos were shared by the musician on his page, and it showed how much they enjoyed their recent trip. For the meantime, fans have to wait a little time for them to confirm their real relationship.