"Game of Thrones" 7 is in its third episode titled "The Queen’s Justice," this coming Sunday with the much-anticipated meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally happening. Speculations abound as to how the encounter between two of the main protagonists of GoT will turn out.

There seems to be a consensus that Jon Snow could encounter difficulty in actually achieving what he came for in Dragonstone, which is to mine dragon glass. We just hope the Breaker of Chains is not strong for the environment the same way she is for the freedom of slaves in Meereen.

If she is, I hope Tyrion will talk sense into her as dwarves are not just bastards in their fathers’ eyes but are great miners. Just ask Tolkien.

Daenerys needs good hands too

The crushing defeat of Yara’s fleet by the mad man Euron Greyjoy, the most popular two hands in Westeros, certainly will have Daenerys and Tyrion coming up with a new battle plan. Then, thanks to the masterful one-handed maneuvering of Jamie Lannister, the ominous betrayal of Ollena Tyrell at the very able hands of their family's Bannerman, the Tarly, is very possible. This could eliminate the House Tyrell from the game.

Daenerys would be wise to accept the hands of mutually beneficial cooperation from the King of the North.

Enough references to hands but surely, she needs the Northern men.

Will Jon Snow bend a knee?

Since we are already focusing on body parts in this look to "Game of Thrones" 7 Episode 3, the other issue in the Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayen summit is whether Jon will bend a knee. Daenerys, of course, assumes that she the rightful occupant of the Iron Throne.

She declared, “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will.” But then again, she has three dragons if the lords and ladies of Westeros would disagree to that.

The Mother of Dragons does not merely ask, she summons. That was exactly what she did to Jon. It’s like the Beast saying, come to dinner with me, that’s not a REQUEST!

So, it would be interesting how the dynamics will play out between the two rulers.

'The Queen’s justice'

One plausible scenario that may happen if Jon Snow refuses to kneel before Daenerys may be that she will be completely enraged with the act of defiance and have Jon burn alive just like what the Mad King did with the Starks before. Varys just recently received the same threat as well.

But since it is all but confirmed that Jon is by birth a Targaryen, would he be, like Daenerys, impervious to fire? And if that transpires, would the big revelation about Jon’s parentage finally comes into the light? The title of the episode is the "Queen’s Justice" after all.

Watch the trailer of "Game of Thrones" 7 Episode 3, "The Queen’s Justice" below: