"Big Brother 19" is quickly becoming one of the most confrontational seasons. Between the crazy outbursts and in-your-face antics, this group of houseguests seems to be having some control issues.

Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen were hanging out in the backyard at some point yesterday when they decided to wager on a pool game. The loser was supposed to drink a cup of half pickle juice and half hot sauce. Mark extended the challenge to Josh who obviously accepted the crazy wager.

Hot sauce in the eyes

According to Joker's Updates, there was a disagreement between Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez about the game.

Mark believed Josh lost and while he may have, Josh was not admitting to anything. "Big Brother 19" erupted in chaos. Elena reportedly masterminded the idea to throw the cup in Josh's face, which Mark absolutely did. From then on, it was chaos. Josh Martinez went back into the house and grabbed the first two condiments he could find. Mayo and ketchup won, and Mark was covered in them.

This incident gave way to a house explosion. The "Big Brother 19" houseguests are now on edge, and Josh Martinez placed a lot of doubts through the house with his words. Christmas Abbott was on his side. She told him that what Mark Jansen did was assault. Josh then explained to her how Mark was tossing her name around during week two, with Dominique confirming it.

Of course, others chimed in the conversation as well. It was a huge house meltdown, one that could have lasting repercussions going forward.

No production warning

Viewers are shocked that the "Big Brother" production team allowed that to happen between Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez. It definitely could have been an ejectable offense, though, at the very least, Mark should have been given a warning to leave Josh alone.

There was reportedly an apology, though it appears it may not have been sincere. Josh is offended by what happened and brought up how Raven Walton is interjecting things about him. This may stem back to reports he peeped on her in the shower, which is something she did share with the showmance group.

All of this took place yesterday, which means some of it may appear on the taped show due to air tomorrow night.

This was probably the most explosive confrontation during this season, and there has been less than a month of gameplay. With the Battle Back happening and a high possibility of Cody Nickson returning, the house is going to get shaken up once again.