DeMario Jackson must love reality shows. He has been on some and is in negotiation to appear on another one soon. According to several sources, including TMZ, Jackson has been approached and producers of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" are seriously considering him for Season 25 that premieres on September 18, 2017.

Reality star

The 30-year-old reality TV personality was one of the bachelors on "The Bachelorette" until Rachel Lindsay discovered he had a girlfriend. She kicked him off the show without waiting for the formal rose ceremony when most of the bachelors are eliminated.

Jackson did not go home quietly. In fact, he returned a week later begging for a second chance, which he didn't get.

He became a contestant on "Bachelor in Paradise" before it was shut down after only one week following a scandal with Jackson and Corinne Olympios at the center. The reality show resumed filming in Mexico without Jackson and Olympios. The fourth season will premiere on ABC on August 14 following the ending of "The Bachelorette."

All of the shows Jackson has been involved in are on the ABC network. Therefore, producers are familiar with him. It was reported that they reached out to Jackson's publicist several weeks ago. No contract has been signed yet, but Jackson is speaking as if it's a done deal.

He said he would love to perform on "Dancing With The Stars" to display his dancing skills and his personality. He claims to be a black Latin salsa dancer.

Reunion shows

Jackson plans to be at the reunion of the two shows he left. For instance, he is expected to appear on the "Men Tell All' episode of "The Bachelorette" on Monday, July 31.

Even though he was on the show for a very short time, he is expected to share his experience along with the other men who were eliminated

Jackson and Olympios are scheduled to be on the "Bachelor in Paradise" reunion show when it airs. They were only on the show for one week before it was shut down in June. When the show resumed, neither one of them returned.

According to host Chris Harrison, they are expected to talk about the situation that led producers to change the rules about drinking and sex on the reality show.

About Jackson

Jackson is both educated and smart. He attended California State University, Fresno, but he graduated in 2009 from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a BA degree in Product Development. Before he became involved in reality shows, he worked as a recruiting consultant for Michael Page. It was alleged that he was fired from the global recruitment agency after the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal.

More information will be revealed about Jackson when he becomes a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." Information is usually shared about the stars through their personal stories. Also, there are themes during the season that illustrate the dancers most memorable year among other things to let the public get to know them better.