Usher's STD lawsuit continues to shock millions of his fans as new details emerged online that'll make it even more controversial. In an exclusive report by RadarOnline, it was revealed that Usher's alleged victims suffered from several health conditions -- both physically and emotionally. One of the plaintiffs even claimed that the singer caused her "birthing complications."

According to the lawsuit obtained by the news site, all three complainants reiterated that Usher "knowingly exposed them to herpes." The alleged victims claimed that the "U Got It Bad" singer did not warn them about his diagnosis before engaging in sexual contact with them.

STD's effects on alleged victims

The news outlet also noted that the court documents stated the adverse effects of Usher's alleged herpes infection to the complainants. Apparently, the plaintiffs' exposure to the herpes virus has caused various health problems.

These include "severe emotional distress, birthing complications, stress, depression, anxiety about having contracted the disease or being exposed to herpes." In addition, one of the complainants even claimed that her newborn child may have been affected by Usher's rumored herpes.

The lawsuit also revealed that the three engaged in sexual activities with Usher simply because he was a "revered celebrity" who they thought could be "loved and trusted."

Alleged victim tested negative on herpes

One of the three complainants filing a lawsuit against Usher reportedly tested negative on herpes.

This is despite claims that the singer exposed them with the disease.

In a press conference on Monday, celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom appeared with one of the plaintiffs, Quantasia Sharpton, a.k.a. Angel Valentino. Sharpton revealed that Usher picked her out of a crowd during one of his concerts and invited her on stage where they danced together.

She also added that the singer's security contacted her, asking her to come to Usher's hotel where the alleged sexual activity took place. However, she clarified that she tested negative on herpes but still feels "violated."

Meanwhile, attorney Lisa Bloom pointed out that she doesn't know for sure if Usher actually has herpes but all the reports from the media and his silence implied that it could be true. She also noted that one out of the three complainants has tested positive for herpes. So far, Usher has yet to address the issues.