A few weeks after welcoming Sir and Rumi to the world, Beyonce and JAY-Z stepped out for fun and romantic date nights.

The parents of three took a break from their mommy and daddy duties and enjoyed each other's company on a sushi date, wine tasting, and even skating.

Sushi night for the Carters

On Wednesday, Beyonce and Jay-Z indulged in some scrumptious sushi at their "longtime favorite" restaurant in L.A., the Sushi Park. The new parents to twins reportedly took a long drive from their Malibu home just to satisfy their cravings.

Beyonce and JAY-Z kept it low-key during their romantic date night.

Sources revealed to E! News that the couple stayed at the restaurant for an hour. In the photos, Beyonce can be seen wearing a fashionable blue summer dress while JAY-Z rocked a bomber jacket matched with a hat.

Onlookers also noted that the couple were not over-the-top with PDA and were simply enjoying their meal. Apparently, the two love Japanese food, particularly sushi. As Beyonce was not allowed to eat raw fish during her pregnancy, now is the time to give herself a treat.

Bottoms up!

Later that evening, Beyonce and JAY-Z continued their date night with some wine tasting.

The couple was spotted enjoying a glass of wine in a fancy looking winery.

Beyonce posted some photos of their wine tasting on Instagram. In one of the posts, Beyonce can be seen flaunting her cleavage in the same blue summer dress while taking a sip of the red wine.

In another post, JAY-Z kept his head down while drinking from his glass.

It remains unclear where exactly it was taken or what kind of wine they were drinking. But one thing's for sure though, they both seem to enjoy their night out.

Queen Bey goes skating

The fun doesn't end there for the couple.

On Friday night, Beyonce and JAY-Z along with some friends had a mini-roller skating party at the World On Wheels in L.A.

Sources at the venue revealed to Us Weekly that Beyonce seemed really happy, adding that the songstress was a great skater.

"She had a huge smile on her face and was a great skater — she was really gliding and did a couple of splits on the skates."

There were also claims that Queen Bey even left her VIP area and joined other people at the skating rink. Meanwhile, JAY-Z and some friends were reportedly lounging on the side while watching Beyonce skated around.

A source also revealed to TMZ that the place was eventually shut down around 12:30 for the group's private skating session because Beyonce and her crew were getting hounded by fans.

Check out Beyonce skating like a pro in the video below: