Cher has been dealing with a lot of emotional pain over the past several weeks. The death of her ex-husband rocker Gregg Allman, her health struggles, and now fearing that her son Elijah Blue is spiraling out of control may be more than she can handle.

Is stress making Cher sick?

As previously reported, Gregg Allman, died on May 27th at the age of 69 from complications of cancer. Source's close to Cher's situation has claimed that since Gregg's death Cher is living in constant fear that Elijah is going to relapse into his destructive drug habits and wind up dead.

Elijah Blue Allman destined to take his father's path?

Radar Online reports, Cher and Gregg's son is not taking his father's loss well and that "Turn Back Time" hitmaker's health is declining rapidly due to all the stress and anxiety she is feeling. Elijah's life coach, Mark Groubert, reportedly told RO that Gregg Allman's death is just the type of event that could trigger Elijah's fall.

Interesting enough, Groubert has also written a tell-all book about Cher, entitle, "Cher: All in the Family," which will reveal all Cher's family secrets, including attempts to keep Elijah Blue from using heroin. The battle has been a long and difficult one not only for Elijah but the entire family. In his book, Groubert recalls a time when Elijah, 41, had just finished work on an album and had used heroin.

“" Around midnight, he collapsed on the sidewalk in a red-light district. He couldn’t move — and I couldn’t get him up! I told him that if the press found out he had OD’ed on the streets of Vancouver, his mom would go ballistic!”

It has been no secret that drug addiction has plagued Elijah over the years. In 2014 during an interview with THE ENQUIRER, Elijah confessed that his drug addiction had been out of control.

" I was taking lots of drugs on the road. I was smoking dope [heroin], taking a lot of pills, any painkiller we could get and drinking," stated Elijah Allman.While, this is not a new problem, Cher, now 71-years-old is not quite equipped in her advanced stage of life to endure the daily stress. Life is never easy no matter who you are, but Cher has certainly had her share of controversies, No matter the issue she has always seemed to bounce back.Che

Life is never easy no matter who you are, but Cher has certainly had her share of controversies, No matter the issue she has always seemed to bounce back stronger and looking 1000 percent fabulous.

Cher has never had a problem holding back when it comes to giving her opinions, so it makes sense that she is ready to battle hard against what she believes in.

This also includes her very strong opinions concerning the President of the United States, Donald Trump. One would just have to visit the star's Twitter account to know there is no love lost between the two.

However, the singer's pals allegedly claim that they are seeing a difference in Cher over the past couple of years and that they are worried that the overabundance of stress is going to kill her.

Between Cher's addiction to over working, Elijah and Chaz Bono at her age it might be a good idea to heed her friend's warnings and reel it back a bit.

We just hope that Cher can help Elijah work through his grief and that she listens to her friends and starts taking better care of herself.