Castlevania” is now available on Netflix. If you have not watched it yet, this is the best time to start.

There were a lot of speculations as to what the series would look like after showing. However, everyone was put at ease after a new trailer for the online show was launched. The trailer, which began last May, gave hopes to the fans waiting for the series. Just this month, users of the online streaming website and application, Netflix, was able to watch the first season of “Castlevania.” The series is an adaption of the video game series of the same title.

Was it a big hit?

Based on rumors, Netflix might probably renew the season after the release of the “CastlevaniaSeason 1. It was also another talk of the town. According to Normangee Star, Warren Ellis, together with his team of creative minds, are already working on the second season of “Castlevania.”

The first season of “Castlevania” was just recently released. The show premiered with four episodes only. However, even if the first season only has four episodes, Netflix was able to commit enough to get a second season.

What will the second season be about?

The “CastlevaniaSeason 2 will continue from where the first season stopped. Season 2’s story arc will start from where the finale was cut off.

Thus, will resume at the time when the protagonists all gathered and were preparing to embark on their journey.

The origin of the series

Before the series, the “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse” was released on the NES first. It was about Trevor Belmont, the Vampire Killer whip-wielder. Belmont is attempting to take back Europe from the hands of Dracula.

Issues with the first season

The pilot episode served as a backstory for the series. The three episodes introduced the three most important characters of the series. However, a lot of fans were not happy with the ending of the first season. Just before the whole team could do any real damages in their fight against Dracula as well as his army raised from Hell, the series cut to black.

The four episodes of “Castlevania” Season 1 served as an Act One for the fan favorite game. Although Netflix was able to give fans the heroes of the series, the show was not able to demonstrate more of the journey of the heroes.

The good news is that “Castlevania” Season 2 will not be the same length as the first season. Netflix confirmed that the second season will be eight episodes long and will tackle more about the life of Dracula. Although there is no confirmed release date yet, the guarantee of having a season 2 is enough for fans to be grateful that Netflix brought the epic game series to life.