Nintendo releases an application that will help users enjoy Switch's functionality. More users can enjoy the online app since it has been made available for both iOS and Android users.

Nintendo's app now available for download

Switch online app is now available for download online. The latest addition to the Switch collection is designed to enhance every user's online experience while playing compatible games on the Nintendo Switch console. The application was first introduced earlier this month.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Users need to download the app to make use of the Switch system's internet functionality.

The app will handle various features including game invites, voice chat, and many other fun functionalities.

The Nintendo app has been launched earlier than the original expected date. Access and use of the service shall remain Free Of Charge for the remaining months of the current year. However, players need to brace themselves because, starting in 2018, Nintendo will charge an annual fee of $19.99. The fee seems reasonable as it shall also give users unlimited access to the anticipated collection of classic Nintendo games.

'Splatoon 2' ready for release, more games expected

"Splatoon 2" is all set for release. The classic game's second version will be much bigger and offer more excitement. Beyond the familiar multiplayer Turf War mode, "Splatoon 2" will surprise users with exciting diversions.

The game upgrades include a brand-new cooperative horde mode. The goody comes wrapped in a cheery exterior resembling a bubble-gum that conceals peculiar but wonderful lore underneath.

The online application is currently limited to "Splatoon 2" but users can expect exciting future games to come. Games who will come with built in support will tap the Nintendo app online.

The app shall then serve as the hub for interactive capabilities such as voice chat.

App makers say using voice chat via Nintendo's Switch online app will be fun since the feature works in different ways based on the game that is currently being played. The functionality allows users to group chat with all players or make private conversations by splitting chats into teams.

Similar to Nintendo's Switch online app, "Splatoon 2" online play will downloadable via online app stores free of charge. However, once the app launches, games with online gameplay will collect annual subscription.