"Castlevania" is a household name in gaming, the original dating back to 1986. Just hearing the title is enough to make many gamers nostalgic for simpler times, when you had to blow the dust off of your game cartridge to make it work properly! Now we're seeing "Castlevania" in a whole new light, as a full animated production is to be delivered to us by Netflix!

For those who are new to the series, "Castlevania" is the story of an expert vampire hunter who comes from a disgraced family known as the Belmont Clan. This vampire hunter is on a mission to stop Dracula and redeem his family name.

There are multiple villains in the series other than the big man himself, along with many recurring characters such as Maria Renard, Leon Belmont, and Shanoa.

The animation is an adaption of 'Dracula's Curse'

Dracula's curse was released originally in 1989, and follows the protagonist Trevor Belmont. The last of his family, he seeks revenge against those who have harmed him. Joining him on his quest are characters such as Sypha Belnades, Grant Danasty, and series favorite: Alucard. Now whether or not this adaption will stay true to the original plotline remains to be seen, but either way fans of the video game series are sure to be ready for a gruesome, bloody treat!

Warren Ellis is the writer

The series is written by Warren Ellis, who is a best-selling author a comic-book icon.

Beside him, Kevin Kolde, Adi Shankar, and Fred Seibert will work on the series as executive producers. They have promised the fans that the series will not be a disappointment, especially to anime fans who are wary of western animation. Adi Shankar has stated that it will be the "Western world's first good video game adaption." A statement in which many now hope to be true, following the trailer.

What do you hope to see in the "Castlevania" animation? Would you like a gritty, tragic story line consisting of redemption and hardship? Or are you hoping for plentiful blood and gore? Will this be the summer's hit horror animation, or will it be overlooked for fresher content? Fans of horror and "Castlevania" everywhere are hoping for the best, and so are we!

"Castlevania" makes it's bloody entrance to Netflix on July 7!

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