Hey, "Blindspot" fans. Yes, we have finally arrived at what will be the huge, epic season 2 finale episode 22, and it's going to feature some heavy tragedy at some point that the FBI will have to deal with. We'll be seeing Weller get caught up in a very shocking event. Elsewhere, Jane 's future will appear to be in quite dismay, and more!. We have the wonderful NBC people to thank for this very informative press release spoiler scooper.

"Lepers Repel"

They also let us know what they have decided to title this season-ender episode. It's labeled: "LEPERS REPEL." Immediately, to start things off, they let us know that a very big showdown scene is going to take place with Shepherd at some point.

They put this part in all capital letters, so it sounds like it could be a very major event in this installment.

Surprising event

Next, they went on to tell us that, at some point, the FBI is going to have to cope with a very serious tragedy. And while this is going on, we'll see Weller get caught up right in the center of what they're calling; a very surprising event! What could this big, shocking event be? And what's this crazy tragedy that the FBI has to deal with? These are the huge questions for this storyline.

Unfortunately, none of them are answered in this press release, so it looks like we'll have to wait around until this thing airs to get that important intel. However, there is a possibility that we could see a few glimpses of these scenes, which could give us some extra intel when the preview clip gets released later on, tonight, after episode 21 airs, so you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for that one.

Uncertain future

Finally, we've got this last teaser, which will involve Jane played by the beautiful Jaimie Alexander. Apparently, she's going to be put in a position where she's going to have to face the possibility of having a very rocky and uncertain future. How does Jaimie get herself in this tumultuous position? And will she ever be able to find her way out of it?

These are the huge questions for this situation. Hopefully, we'll see them get answered in this episode instead of a shocking cliffhanger. It looks like we may get the answers since NBC has yet to announce if they're renewing this show for a new season 3. This ,sometimes, causes producers to have to make an episode that could some up the series just in case they don't get to continue.

NBC also delivered some official photos for the big finale episode. We've included this one (above) that features Jane in a very intense moment to say the least. She's got a gun, and she definitely looks like she's ready to use it. It kind of reminds me of that popular song by Aerosmith: "Janie's Got A Gun." Anyways, we definitely look forward to seeing what goes down in that scene.

Roman's in a scene

Some of the other photos, not pictured, include new looks from Shepherd. She's spotted in some intense action with Weller. There's also some photos of a huge shootout showdown. Roman is seen in one of the photos as well, so look for him to show up at some point. Episode 22 is set to hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, May 17th,2017 at 7pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.