Blake Shelton has obviously moved on from his failed marriage with Miranda Lambert with Gwen Stefani by his side. But it seems like Miranda is still not ready to leave her past behind after she suggested that her latest album, "The Weight of these Wings," was inspired by her short-term romance with the country artist.

Miranda's post-divorce music

During her recent interview with Billboard, Miranda Lambert recalled how she struggled in her career while she was still married with Blake Shelton. The singer even cited how she needed to find something to fall in love with before she could write a song again.

"I have to go fall in love with it again. So Nashville does that for me," she told Billboard.

Miranda Lambert has remained tight-lipped about her divorce from Blake Shelton for the past two years. But when she was asked about the matter, the 33-year-old "Mama's Broken Heart" artist said her version of the story can be found in her "The Weight of these Wings" album.

She asked her fans to listen to her album if they want to hear her opinion of what went wrong in her marriage with her estranged husband.

Her sixth studio album consists of two discs and a total of 24 songs -- most of them were co-written by Miranda Lambert herself. After her interview came out, an insider told Hollywood Life Blake Shelton is hoping to leave the past behind and focus on what's ahead of him.

Blake reportedly wants Miranda to move on from divorce

“The proof was in his 2016 album, where everything on the record was his way of releasing his emotions about the divorce," the source said, referring to his "If I'm Honest" album. “As much as he would like her not to talk about the divorce anymore, or at all, he respects that Miranda [Lambert] has to get over it in her way."

Blake Shelton, however, does not want to make a big fuss out of his ex-wife's recent interview.

In fact, he wants his former lover to find her own happiness just like how he has found him in Gwen Stefani. The 41-year-old singer also acknowledged the fact that his name will always be linked to Miranda Lambert after what they have shared in the past.

Right now, Shelton is reportedly planning how he will spend his Christmas season with Gwen Stefani.

A source claimed that Blake Shelton has already started his preparations while waiting for the return of "The Voice" in November.

When asked the country artist will finally pop the question to his longtime partner, the insider said that a proposal is unlikely to happen anytime soon.