Abby Lee Miller is the former coach of the hit TV series "Dance Moms". The former star was arrested earlier this year for fraud and was sentenced to one year and one day in Prison. Abby opened up in a final interview about her fears of being in prison and about her former dance student Maddie Ziegler. This was the last interview that Miller would do before her stint in prison and it is clear that the star was extremely emotional. Miller shared her final words in this pre-prison interview.

Miller talks about prison

According to an E! News report on 26 July, Abby Lee Miller sat down recently for her final interview before heading to prison.

This was not the first interview that Miller had talking about life in prison but it is the last. Miller opened up about her fears of not being able to keep up her diet to lose weight. The star pointed out that she recently got a gastric bypass and stated that she would not be able to stick to her healthy post surgery diet.

The star opened up about the mistakes that she made which landed her in this position. She accepted that she had made some bad decisions and knew that she had to do time for her mistakes. Miller was nervous about her potential inmates. It seems that she feared for her life and was afraid of what her future inmates might do to her. The former "Dance Moms" star will be just over a year in prison and she was really afraid of the abuse she might suffer behind bars.

The star reminisces about her favorite dancer

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Abby Lee Miller is responsible for the successful dancer career of former student Maddie Ziegler. Maddie has starred alongside singer Sia in several of the singer's music videos and live performances. Miller stated that Maddie had kept her distance from her former "Dance Moms" coach due to the fact that Miller is going to jail.

Maddie also did not mention Abby in her new recently released memoir.

Miller is deeply upset that Maddie appears to have forgotten all about her. However, viewers of the show "Dance Moms" will know the abuse that Miller put Maddie and the other dancers through. According to an interview with Teen Vogue on their YouTube channel.

Ziegler stated that her years as Miller as her coach were some of the worst years of her life. She said that Miller nearly made her hate her passion for dancing.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Miller started her stint in prison two weeks ago. The interview was released online over the past few days.