This fall, crime drama fans will have a load of stuff to look forward to, because the “NCIS” Season 15 is coming up. What is great about every “NCIS” season or episode, is that we can expect new stories (of course) and new guest stars that would leave fans wondering what kind of role they would be playing together with the lead actor, Mark Harmon.

"NCIS" fans should be happy now that it has been confirmed that Mark Harmon is not going to leave the TV series. Another reason to celebrate is that the show will continue to have surprise guests. The guest star would be the "Girl Meets World" actress Cheryl Texiera.

The actress announced on Twitter that she is, in fact, appearing in an episode or more of NCIS Season 15. Even though the character was not thoroughly elaborated, we can assume that she will be joining the cast for a little while.

Mark Harmon meets Cheryl Texiera in new ‘NCIS’

She posted a picture of what seemed to be her role, wearing a pair of ripped pants, black boots, black choker and black top side by side with another. Each had a slight difference from the other. It’s easy to assume her character is going to be a badass. Along with the photo, she captioned “From audition to full concept. Filmed an awesome role for "NCIS" today. Such an incredible cast & crew!!!” The actress surely enjoyed the experience of being part of "NCIS." Who would not?

In the previous episodes of NCIS, we’ve seen actors take a role and leave it like Jennifer Esposito (Alexandra Quinn), who decided to be a part of another CBS series instead.

Harmon will not leave the show

On the other hand, news about Mark Harmon who plays the supervisory special agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was circulating that the actor would be leaving the show. This news was later on downgraded to mere rumor as the actor had already started filming.

But what started the rumors about his departure were a few factors including his health. The actor had lost weight after a knee surgery. With this baggage, even though the actor is already part of the main line-up of characters, it’s possible that his role might be aired less.

Some major changes might even happen if we are to think in advance, let’s say to "NCIS" Season 16.

This long-running show might undergo changes but we can expect that the show runners will keep on producing great episodes somehow.

For now, “NCIS” Season 15 has a lot in store for the fans. We’re to expect reunions, more cases and some loved characters might even take a visit. Let’s see what happens on September 26.