"Big Brother 19" fans know it is a wild ride with Paul Abrahamian in the HOH this week. He is one of the best strategists in the recent history of the game. He knows what he wants and figures out how to make it happen. That is why he was so close to winning last year and his fans were so excited to see him return for the second straight summer of competition in the "Big Brother" house.

Paul is after Cody because he has to protect himself. He made it clear that Paul was his target when he tried to backdoor him last week. If not for the Pendant of Protection, Paul would have faced the possibility of eviction during Cody's HOH.

But, alas, America is good, and Paul was given the power to save himself.

Who played in the Power of Veto competition?

With Josh and Alex nominated for eviction as pawns (keeping the seat warm for Paul's real target), Ramses took his curse and self-nominated. That brings the "Big Brother" houseguests to the first four players for the Power Of Veto, but two more were selected by random draw. Elena and Matthew were drawn, leaving Cody on the sidelines with his showmance partner Jessica. Jason, the third V-Toad, hosted the important competition.

Jokers Updates kept "Big Brother" fans updated as the kitties seemed to take up permanent residence on the feeds while the Veto comp took place. When the feeds finally returned, Paul had won the Power of Veto, which was a math competition.

What's next in Paul's plan?

Well, they need to get Cody on the block. The plan is for Paul to remove Alex from the chopping block and name Cody as the replacement nominee. Once that is done, it will be a matter of waiting for the live vote on Thursday night. Paul has said he wants to see Cody evicted over Josh on live TV. Isn't that just the craziest slap in the face yet this season?

It just goes to show that Paul is quite the strategist and knows how to pull a plan together.

If speculation and rumors are correct, this won't be the last "Big Brother" fans see of Cody, however. A special Friday night show has been added to the schedule for July 28. This is when fans are expecting to see the first Battle Back of the season.

Cameron, Jillian, Cody and the houseguest evicted on July 27 will all battle for the chance to re-enter the "Big Brother" house and once again compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Of course, the theme of "Big Brother" has always been to "expect the unexpected." Hang onto your hats and be ready for a wild week as this one plays out. Do you think Cody has a trick up his sleeve? How loudly do you think Victor is cheering for his former bromance partner?