It looks like there’s already confirmation from In Touch Weekly that supermodel Naomi Campbell is furious about Rihanna and Hassan Jameel dating. Two weeks ago, the new couple was spotted together in a swimming pool in Spain, flirting and kissing. This sparked speculation among fans that the singer’s new beau is a Spanish footballer. However, it turned out that the guy is the heir to Saudi Arabia’s largest Toyota distributor, owns a soccer league and is the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel. It’s one the largest companies in the world with a net worth of $1.5 billion.

Naomi is friends no more with the “Disturbia” singer

A source close to Campbell told In Touch Weekly that the supermodel is furious about Rihanna and Hassan Jameel dating. The supermodel was spotted with the Saudi billionaire at a London festival in 2016 and although she did not confirm that they were dating, fans believe that they were in a relationship. "Naomi doesn't forgive easily and has no interest in speaking with [her friend] ever again,” the insider revealed. “It's sad because [the singer] and Naomi used to be so close, but this romance is the nail in the coffin. There is no coming back from this." Okay, this sounds extremely serious between the supermodel and her used-to-be closed friend.

The insider went on to say that Naomi doesn’t hold back and that she feels that her close friend stabbed her in the back. She thinks that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are trying to make her jealous although it is said that she is thinking more about their friendship. However, fans are now wondering if it’s really the friendship that the supermodel is worried about.

The guy is a billionaire and as RiRi's father previously said, the Saudi Arabian's massive bank account is already a red flag. The singer’s old man fears that there will be a lot of women chasing after him because he is apparently worth $1.5 billion.

RiRi couldn’t care less about Naomi

The source also said that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have been hooking up for months but Naomi did not expect her to “stoop this low.” It is also said that the Barbadian singer was aware that problems would arise if she continued dating the Saudi billionaire but it seems that she doesn’t care what Naomi thinks about her.

It sounds almost tit for tat as the “We Found Love” singer called JLo a traitor when the Puerto Rican beauty dated her ex, Canadian singer Drake. RiRi was reportedly hurt about it - seriously.

What do you think about Naomi Campbell and her close friend’s feud over the Saudi billionaire?