"Big Brother 19" fans know the drill. Today is the day that live feed viewers will watch fish, cute kitties, or bouncing puppies for a few hours while the Veto competition is held. When the feeds come back, it won't take long to figure out who won the Power of Veto and what their plans for it are.

Paul has a plan in place. With Josh and Alex on the block as pawns, he has done his part. Christmas had talked Ramses into self-nominating as his curse from Paul's Pendant of Protection required him to do within three evictions. With Paul in the HOH, this is a safer week for Ramses to roll the dice and sit on the block.

The "Big Brother" houseguests will pick players for the Power of Veto soon. Paul and the nominees will be competing but the remainder of the players will be selected by random draw. The thing is, Christmas has the Ring of Replacement. If a houseguest is selected to compete (aka Cody) she can produce the ring and take his spot in the competition.

What could go wrong with the Ring of Replacement?

Here is a scenario "Big Brother" houseguests have not discussed on Jokers Updates, however. What if Christmas is selected in the random draw to compete and so is Cody? She could no longer use her temptation from America to take away Cody's chance to save himself.

And the Ramses factor

Another problem Paul may encounter is Ramses.

Paul had asked him to throw the Veto competition and remain on the block, ensuring his safety, of course. Ramses isn't a new fan to "Big Brother," He knows the only way to be safe is to protect himself. He plans to not only compete but use the Power of Veto if he wins it.

The best case scenario for Paul's HOH is that Cody isn't drawn to play in the Veto competition, Christmas gets to hang onto the Ring of Replacement to use at a future Veto comp.

Ramses and Josh, the wild card, don't win the Power of Veto. Paul or Alex winning the competition would set the backdoor plan in place. Paul has said his goal this week is for Cody to be evicted over Josh on live TV. The frog suit Cody is sporting will just be a bonus.

As for Cody, Jokers Updates reported that he has mentioned the possibility of a Battle Back to Jessica.

He told her if he did get to Battle Back into the "Big Brother" house, he would not target Paul. His sights would be set on the other girls in showmances. Considering the circumstances he finds himself in at this point, he knows that going after Paul wasn't the best gameplay in "Big Brother 19."