Big Brother 19” spoilers from Saturday night (July 8) reveal who won the Power Of Veto. As fans will recall, Paul Abrahamian is the new Head of Household, as he won the competition late Thursday evening (July 6). It gave Paul the power to come up with his own nominations for eviction and that was the moment he started working on a plan to get Cody Nickson out of the house.

Choosing Alex Ow and Josh Martinez as his nominees, the trio worked together on how they were going to play the Veto Competition. No matter which one of them walked away with the Power of Veto, the plan was to get one of them off the block so that Paul could replace them with Cody.

It became one of the worst kept secrets in the BB19” house over the past 24 hours.

Who won the Week 2 Power of Veto?

With the pressure on him once again, Paul Abrahamian won the Power of Veto, keeping control of the entire house in the palm of his hand. Now any further “Big Brother 19” spoilers that come out this week will be directly from his brain. Paul now has a clear path to nominate Cody Nickson and officially break up his showmance with Jessica Graf. Cody has to really be kicking himself about that decision to go after Paul as soon as it was revealed that the "Big Brother 18" runner-up was back in the house.

This is about the time that Cody and Jessica need to figure out a grand plan that can convince Paul to change his mind.

As it stands, Cody is marked for eviction, with his meeting with Julie Chen now slated to take place on July 13, following an Eviction Vote that should be truly one-sided. Will Jessica turn on Cody in order to simply vote with the rest of the “BB19” house? Or will she still with her showmance partner even after the game as come to an end?

Who will Paul Abrahamian save at the Veto Ceremony?

Paul now has the opportunity to make next week far less stressful for Alex Ow and Josh Martinez. The houseguest he decides to take off the block will get to avoid any potential stresses that come with being at risk of going home. If Paul keeps his word to Alex, then she will be the one that he uses the Power of Veto on this Monday (July 10).

Despite already being safe with the Pendant of Protection, Paul Abrahamian sure found a way to make Week 2 exciting in the “BB19” house. He has the opportunity to work on the perfect speech to give Cody Nickson at the Veto Ceremony now, which should be a pretty good one for the CBS audience. It might also bring a close to the real “Big Brother 19” spoilers for the weekend, especially if Paul sticks to his current plan.