"Big Brother 19" has been full of backstabbing and drama. Cody Nickson was the first HOH (Head of Household), and his power move blew up in his face. He assumed his "Big Brother" alliance was going to stand by him, but when he blindsided them by nominating Paul Abrahamian for eviction, they jumped ship. Fortunately, Paul received the Power of Protection and did not have to get on the block. That was what began the war in the house, and this week, it has continued.

Cody Nickson gets angry

When the first official "Big Brother" eviction happened last week, Cody Nickson was livid.

He was so sure that Christmas Abbott would be going home, but instead, Jillian Parker was sent packing. The house erupted, and both Cody and Jessica Graf were trying to get in other houseguest's faces. In fact, "Big Brother" had to step in and remind them to back off. After the second HOH was played, Cody was upset again because Paul Abrahamian won the prize. Since last Thursday, there has been a plan to backdoor Cody. It finally worked as he replaced Josh Martinez on the chopping block.

There has been chatter about Josh Martinez peeping on the women in the shower. Raven Walton complained about it on the live feeds last week. The girls have mentioned how they feel creeped out, but as of now, there has been nothing done by "Big Brother" production to stop it.

Cody assumed that Josh flipped his vote to save Christmas last week and has been confrontational with him since Thursday night. Now, it has taken a very serious turn.

'Jody' plots revenge on Josh Martinez

Now that Josh was pulled down from the block and Cody replaced him, the anger is real. Jessica and Cody had a conversion which was caught by a Twitter user where Cody talks about ruining Josh's life.

He talks about exposing him for being a sexual predator. The peeping in the shower is addressed and Jessica is laughing telling Cody it is a great idea. This is some serious stuff, and if they really do go as far as they are saying, Josh's life could be affected forever.

"Big Brother" fans aren't sure what to make of all of this.

Several have tweeted to the show to ask them to shut this down. While Josh Martinez may have done some questionable things, his life being ruined isn't a joke. Everything done on the show is aired for the world to see and Josh will have to answer for what he did. Cody and Jessica are stepping over some serious lines, ones that shouldn't ever be crossed during a game.