For the second time, Bob Odenkirk gets an Emmy nomination for his invaluable portrayal as Jimmy McGill in “Better call saul.” However, the 54-year-old star was surprised to know that his co-star Michael McKean, who plays the role of his on-screen brother Chuck McGill, didn't get a nomination.

In an interview with Deadline, the “Breaking Bad” actor, who is best known for his stint as the criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, talked about the acting snub the award's body did to McKean. He also gave little details about the coming “Better Call Saul” Season 4.

The coming transformation

When asked about his transformation as Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk has this to say, “I think it’s some huge cracks in the ice right now.”

It has been said that the death of Chuck McGill has something to do with his much-awaited transformation as the criminal lawyer from “Breaking Bad.” With that, the comedian teased that it has caused “real deep visible cracks.”Probably, the change fans have been long waiting for is coming real soon. Will fans finally see him as the expert liar in “Better Call Saul” Season 4?

McKean’s departure

Bob Odenkirk also talked about the previous season’s epic finale. A lot of viewers believe that Chuck McGill is now dead because of the tragic ending they had witnessed.

Although his dead body has not yet been seen, the fire that glows from his window tells it all. And even though some hate the protagonist, Odenkirk admitted that Michael McKean’s exit saddens him. “It seriously bummed me out,” he said.”

In fact, he considers it to be “the second-biggest blow” to his joy. The first one was the transformation of Jimmy McGill as a “more evil” guy.

He explained that McKean’s departure is quite disappointing because, for him, he is the best actor.

The snub

Michael McKean has raised the standard by acting in the show. Also, Bob Odenkirk finds it a joy to have him around the set. Although he is happy that he got nominated for the Emmy’s, he is surprised that his 69-year-old co-actor didn’t make it on the list of nominees.

Aside from Odenkirk, Mike Ehrmantraut got a nomination for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Although some believe that it should be for McKean, the 70-year-old actor’s portrayal as Jonathan Banks is also invaluable. The latter, too, is considered to be one of the show’s strongest performers, but fans really can’t deny McKean’s superb acting as McGill’s complicated brother.

“Better Call Saul” Season 4 is expected to return on Netflix in 2018.