Ariana Grande has finally been recognized as the first Honorary Citizen of Manchester following her efforts and support to the city amid the Manchester suicide bombing. The 23-year old singer has gained such recognition through the unanimous votes done by the city council on Wednesday. Apparently, the young singer has gained praises for what she has done for the victims of the said bombing incident.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the city council has recognized all her efforts with all the aids that she has provided the victims. Amid the attack at the Manchester arena which took the lives of 22 people, the young singer went back in order to reorganize her charity concert.

Basically, Grande, together with other stars and performers, were able to raise more than $13 million for those who were affected by the incident.

'We Love Manchester' emergency fund

During the session conducted by the city council on Wednesday, Richard Leese, the council leader, has praised Grande for what she did. He added that the singer can opt not to return to Manchester for happened; however, they were all overwhelmed when she returned for her charity concert performance. Being an artist and a performer, Grande has raised millions which has benefited the "We Love Manchester" emergency fund.

Grande has been recognized as the first patron of the fund, and it was entirely agreed by the city council. Such proposal from Leese has made Grande the first honorary citizen of the city.

Selfless spirit

It was also believed that the Manchester Council has already talked about choosing Grande for the said recognition last month. She was greatly recognized for her selfless acts during the said incident. The council leader further explained that Grande is noteworthy to be recognized for her selfless deeds. Apparently, as young as Grande, she was able to contribute a lot to the lives of the Manchester citizens.

The response that was made by the singer during the Manchester attack has caused the entire city to be proud of her. Instead of fear and hate, the singer chose to respond to the incident with full of love and courage. Hence, Leese has pushed forth his proposal of giving such honorary recognition to the singer.

Meanwhile, amid the bomb attack, the singer has promised her fans that she will stay strong despite what happened.

To recall, she also has visited some of the victims in the hospital and has given them words of courage and strength.

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