In a statement on Twitter on Friday, Ariana Grande announced that she is planning to return to Manchester to hold a Benefit Concert in order to raise money for the victims of Monday’s bombing that killed 22 and injured dozens more after her concert that night. Grande said other performers reached out to her about the benefit concert, but she is currently not revealing any names.

No date yet for Manchester benefit concert by Ariana Grande

As noted by ABC, while she is unable to officially confirm the date of the benefit concert, she thanked all her fans for their support and love, saying she had been thinking of them non-stop all week.

Ariana said in the Twitter post that the way her fans have handled the situation has been inspiring and has made her more proud than they could ever know.

Grande added that the love her fans are showing to each other was the exact opposite of what she termed the “heinous intentions” of the terrorists behind Monday’s attack. She went on to write that her “Dangerous Woman” tour was intended to be a “safe space” for her fans, where they could get together to enjoy her music.

As reported by NBC News, despite the attack Ariana went on to say that that will not change. She said her audiences are always a beautiful, pure, happy and diverse crowd, with thousands of people, all so different, but there for the same reason.

She went on to urge her fans to react to the violence with kindness and love.

The full text of Grande’s message is included here.

Upcoming Ariana Grande tour dates currently suspended until June 5

Grande had just finished performing her concert when the explosion happened on Monday, April 22 at the Manchester Arena.

Hours after the attack she tweeted her apologies, saying she was “broken.” On Tuesday, Ariana returned to the United States. Wednesday saw an announcement by her management that upcoming tour dates would be suspended until they can further assess the situation. More recent news states that her tour dates through June 5 have been postponed.

Other performers react to the tragedy at Manchester Arena

As reported on Blasting News, since the attack other performers have cancelled scheduled appearances out of respect for the victims of the Manchester attack, while others have said the show must go on and life must continue, despite the ongoing threat.

John Stamos and The Beach Boys were staying in a hotel close to the Manchester Bombing and made a special tribute to the victims and their families on Wednesday during their concert in Scarborough in the U.K.