Corinne Olympios has finally confirmed her attendance to the upcoming "Bachelor in Paradise" casts reunion. An official statement has been issued by Olympios through her chosen representative, Stan Rosenfield, on Wednesday. The statement revealed that the young actress will be attending the upcoming season 4 TV special.

To recall, her recent statement came just days after DeMario Jackson also revealed that he will be attending the reunion for "Men Tell All" segment. Jackson is set to start filming the episode in Los Angeles by the next Friday. In the statement, Olympios said, "I am very happy to be appearing on the "Bachelor in Paradise" special."

Reunion special

The "Bachelor in Paradise" reunion special is a kind of show that is both new to the fans and the cast members.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the cast was notified about the said reunion a few days go. However, they were never given with the specific details on what will be happening in the said episode.

It is also expected that having Olympios on the reunion special will surely create mixed emotions among the cast. Apparently, her presence is one of the most exciting things to watch out for as the show airs on TV. A member from "Bachelor in Paradise" also shared that people must be interested in what Olympios has to reveal during the show.

Olympios and Jackson both went through a hard situation when the production was suspended due to the alleged sex scandal. However, other cast members believed that no one has to be blamed for what happened with the show.

Tight-knit family

One of the cast members of "Bachelor in Paradise" has also revealed that they all had gone through a hard struggle. Perhaps, after what happened, the entire casts became a tight-knit kind of family. Further, everyone has decided to move on and focus on the positive working relationship towards each other.

Meanwhile, they were also happy since the show has started filming again.

Amid the sex scandal, the entire cast is very much eager to hear the other side of the story from Olympios. Hence, what she has to say is something that these people will look forward to. Further, the show producers have also encouraged the cast members to continue doing a great job.

Amid the news about Olympios, fans are also looking forward that certain issues will finally be addressed.

To recall, the Miami native once shared that she will no longer return to the show and will only conduct an investigation that will satisfy herself.

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