Jessica Biel was known to be happily married to her husband, Justin Timberlake since they tied the knot on 2012. Hence, the 35-year old actress has shared the secrets that have made their marriage worked up to this day. Biel was once the cover of the "Marie Claire's" August issue and in one portion of the magazine, the actress talked about her smooth-running marriage with Timberlake.

The actress has shared that both of them share strong values and affection towards each other. Apparently, she considered it one of the reasons that have kept them both together.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Biel and Timberlake shared the same values in terms of loyalty and honesty.

Career-oriented couple

Apart from being husband and wife, Biel and Timberlake were both known for their respective careers. Hence, Biel further shared that both of them are very focused toward their careers and have supported each other well. She admitted that they were both career-oriented and sometimes, they both need to be selfish with their peers.

Biel also felt lucky since she found the man whom she can share the same values with. Being a parent to their adorable son, Biel and Timberlake also made it sure that they can always spend time with their kid. Basically, she has also admitted that being a mother has changed her entire life's perspective.

Whole-life change

As Biel continued her "tell all" portion in the magazine, the actress further admitted that her life has flipped around since her son arrived. She started to value time for her family. She started to realize that her schedule is no longer just for her since she already has a kid to deal with. Meanwhile, being a busy star, Biel has shared that she still makes time for certain projects that she has been passionate about.

She is known to be part of the USA's "The Sinner," whom she played as Cora. Apparently, it was one of the best-selling novels that she has indulged herself with. Further, Biel also admitted that she has faced lots of challenges in her life. Nevertheless, she made it sure that it won't affect her relationship with her husband.

She further shared that being a couple, both of them were open-minded about business. In fact, they talked about it a lot. Apparently, their experiences being Hollywood stars have taught them many things. Meanwhile, her role on her upcoming project is said to be something unusual than what she usually did. Hence, her fans are also looking forward to the said project to air sometime in August in the United States.