There was one major thing missing from "American Horror Story" season 6: the Opening Credits. For five seasons, fans had enjoyed the creepy and suspenseful credits, trying to see clues for the seasons throughout. Season 6 did away with the opening credits, opting for a title screen instead. The idea was to create a reality TV show style opening, but it soon led to backlash from the fans.

It turns out that Ryan Murphy has listened to the fans. He shared on Twitter that the opening credits would definitely return this year.

The producers wanted to sell "AHS" season 6

There were a lot of things different about "American Horror Story" last year. Not only were the title credits missing, but fans had no idea what to expect until the premiere. It lead to a lot of excitement initially, but fans were too underwhelmed in the end to fully enjoy it. For many fans, the season was the weakest of all.

The reason for the opening credit sequence being missing was to fully sell the idea of the reality TV style of filming. It all needed to be authentic, and reality TV shows now don't tend to have opening sequences. In fact, most shows have done away with the opening sequences.

Are opening sequences really necessary?

With many people now streaming TV shows, there is the question over whether the opening sequences are really necessary.

Is this going to be a few minutes of added time to the show that offers nothing new for fans? After all, it means a couple of minutes cut off the show time to fit in the credits. This is one of the reasons "iZombie" will opt to cut out the title credits every now and then to create more time for the show.

Netflix also makes it possible to skip the title sequences when binge-watching a TV show.

Fans can also skip themselves when watching on the TV. The title sequence is always the same each week, so is becoming more and more unnecessary.

However, this is something that the fans want. There is something different about the "American Horror Story" opening sequence. It sets the mood for the show and gets fans excited for the horror and mystery that is about to come.

"American Horror Story" Season 7 premieres sometime in fall 2017. There is hope that a specific date will be shared very soon. It is possible for the season to start early in September, similarly to season 6, which would allow enough time before the winter hiatus to air all episodes. For now, the only solid date is the reveal of the season 7 title.