Now that Donald Trump, Jr. released emails exposing his enthusiasm to get information against Hillary Clinton from Russia, "Fake News" is no longer a phrase that can be used for the Russia story.

A White House official according to Politico said, "Russia story will get worse and worse, and you can't just really say anymore, 'fake news'."

Colbert puts Fake News to rest

In his monologue on the Late Show, Colbert showed an "In Memoriam" segment compiling the times President Trump has accused the media of fake news. But aside from all of the times he has used the term in person, he also loves to tweet about it.

It seems every time a news network criticizes Trump, it is "fake news." He has listed nearly every major source of news as "fake" except for Fox News, which famously defends and praises Trump.

Trump, Jr.

has also used the phrase against mainstream media.

Trump Jr.'s email scandal

So after tweeting the following article about the New York Times piece being nothing, the question is: why would he validate their story himself the very day by tweeting out his incriminating emails?

Some defended Trump, Jr. with the idea that he is being transparent.

However, transparency does not equal innocence, as Colbert discussed on his show last night.

The emails explicitly illustrate the collusion with Russia. Colbert presented headlines about the scandal including, "The White House is paralyzed," from CNN and "Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot," from the New York Post.

In the past, the entire Russia story was repeatedly called "fake news." Trump denies working with Putin and claims to have "pressed" him about whether Russia influenced the 2016 U.S. election.

The evidence piles up

This denial of the story has continued through the exposure of multiple people involved in the Trump campaign who have had ties with Russia. Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn have direct connections.

Let's not forget that Trump fired FBI Director James Comey specifically for his investigation of this very story, which Trump claimed was fake news.

But the days of the Russia story being called "fake news" are over. If nothing else, Donald Trump Jr.'s tweets have proved the reality of the situation, and the president can no longer deny it. As Colbert pointed out in last night's show, Trump has been mostly silent since his son's tweets, and even went off to Paris yesterday.

This is the second day that Colbert discusses Trump, Jr.'s emails. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have also given their opinions on the subject, believing that this is part of a Trump campaign strategy to get people to distrust the media.