Just like “Roanoke,” it looks like Ryan Murphy is making the new American Horror StorySeason 7 hype. Aside from the new cast members Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman, whose characters are not yet revealed, and election-themed storyline, details about the new installment remain scarce.

However, the 52-year-old screenwriter continuously shares little teasers relating to the show on his Instagram account. After he posted a monstrous image of an elephant, he has been showing some eerie photos and captioning it with “AHS Season 7 clue.”

Monstrous clues

It looks like Ryan Murphy solely made his Instagram account to reveal little teasers about “American Horror Story” Season 7.

After that creepy photo of an elephant and the new stars coming in the show, he is also posting gruesome pictures that he calls “clue.” The first one was shared on June 25. It was a representation of a decaying face with holes in it and blue lines that seemed like a symbol. At the both sides of the visage were emerging hands that looked like its horns. “AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity,” the caption read.

Another grotesque snap was shared five days ago. It also looked like a face with much holes in it. It also showed decomposing teeth and tongue with gory punctures. It was captioned with “American Horror Story Holes.” Can “Holes” be the next season’s official title?

Aside from the gory images, Ryan Murphy also gave a glimpse of Evan Peters’ blue-dyed hair and the alleged return of Twisty the Clown.

Mind-boggling creepy snaps

Moreover, Movie Pilot reported that there is a big possibility that Ryan Murphy is just tricking the fans by revealing images that are not connected in “American Horror Story” Season 7, just like what he did in the previous season.

It is also a big mystery how could these snaps be related to the presidential theme, especially its links to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. If any of these pictures are real and it will be seen in the anthology horror series, it looks like fans are about to see some spine-chilling creatures from the normal lone creepy individual.

To recall, the previous seasons’ big bads are Rubber Man from the first season, Minotaur from the third installment, and Addiction Demon from the fifth chapter. However, although the pictures are from Ryan Murphy himself, fans still have to wait for his official confirmation and announcement about the coming big bads.

And it is about to come as the executive producer revealed that he has good news coming on July 20. “And suddenly… it will all make sense,” he said (via NME). FX has yet to announce the release of “American Horror Story” Season 7.