John Lasseter is the brilliant director behind "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2." He was not on hand for the third installment of the popular movie but came on board for "Toy Story 4." Now Lassiter has decided to step down and Josh Cooley will take over as director.

John Lasseter is busy with many projects

Lasseter was fired as an animator for "Walt Disney" because he began to delve into the world of computer generated animation. He then began to work for "Pixar" and now oversees "Pixar animation," "Disney" and "Disney Tunes." Fans of the "Toy Story" trilogy have been enjoying his creative genius since 1995.

Woody, Buz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head and all the rest of the beloved characters are in part because of John Lassiter's input.

This past weekend at the D23 Expo is when and where John Lasseter made his announcement. The reason that was given for his stepping down was his busy schedule. He said he is overseeing three studios and twenty-four other projects at this current time. He will continue as executive producer and chief creative officer for "Disney", "Disney Tunes", and "Pixar." The release date for "Toy Story 4" is June 21, 2019.

Josh Cooley is taking the helm

Lasseter said that it was time for him to let go of the bicycle and allow Josh Cooley to ride chair. Cooley worked on the storyboards for "Ratatouille," "Cars" and "The Incredibles." He is a voice actor and worked on the movie "Inside Out." Fans will be excited to see the finished product when it will be released in 2019 and observe the directing style of Cooley.

The plot of number 4 is Buz and Woody going on an adventure to search for Bo Peep who was last seen in TS2.

The scene in the third "Toy Story" where Woody calls all the toys together and there are only a few of them left was heart breaking for viewers who were used to Andy's room being filled with his playthings. Woody looked so wistful as he mentioned toys including Bo Peep who were no longer with them.

Buz and Woody on another adventure sound exciting. Let's hope Josh Cooley will not stray too far from the vision of John Lassiter and "Toy Story 4" will retain the qualities that fans adore.

It will be exciting to see Woody and Bo Peep reunited in "TS 4." The last time these two were together was at the end of Toy Story 2. Woody and Bo Peep were standing with Buz and Jessie when it was announced that Mrs. Potato's head was the new Christmas toy, John Lassiter brought joy to millions of children and adults. Now we get to see what happens since he has passed the torch to Mr. Cooley.