Ryan Murphy recently joined the world of Instagram, and he quickly dropped a new photo teaser for the coming American Horror StorySeason 7. Details about the upcoming new installment are still under wraps, and the unveiled promotional art will add up to mind-blowing puzzle fans are trying to solve.

The 51-year-old screenwriter shared a sinister snap of an elephant with a very scary grin and red lips. The image seemed to be hand drawn and a mask worn by someone. He didn’t say much about the said picture and only captioned it with the show’s title.

A sinister teaser photo

Murphy and the people behind the anthology horror television series are all tight-lipped about the details of “American Horror Story” Season 7. However, it has been revealed before that the new chapter’s theme will be about the election and the assumed mask seen on Instagram might represent the Republicans.

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are bound to be back in the show’s seventh season, and they will be joined by the new cast members Billie Lourd and Billy Eichner. The roles of the said stars have yet to be revealed, but the character of the 38-year-old comedian is believed to be the “American Gothic” star’s pal.

A hint of the show’s plotline

Moreover, the show’s producer recently told E!

News that a lot of people though that Paulson will be playing the role of Hillary Clinton, so he cleared that the assumptions are not true. “Horror Story is always about allegory, so the election is allegory,” he said. He also explained that the new installment will be about the election America had just gone through, what happened on that night, and how everything fell down.

This alone, for a lot of people, is a big real-life horror story and as the show is known for creating zeitgeist, Murphy revealed that is what exactly they are doing now. Also, he added that anyone will not portray the appearance of Clinton and Donald Trump, but they will be seen as themselves on TV.

Murphy continued to narrate that the first 10 minutes of the new season will be set on the happenings of the 2016 election night. From here, something terrible will happen in the lives of the show’s characters as they are all watching how things go down.

Meanwhile, Paulson hinted that she would be trying to bring back her character as Cordelia from “American Horror Story” Season 3, “Coven.” Here, the 42-year-old actress recalled that Cordelia was just getting her powers. Hence, she wanted to know if her new ability will somehow change her that might be seen in the upcoming seventh season.