Alaskan Bush People’s" July 12 episode shows the old side of Matt. He has earned a not-so-good impression among fans for being the resident bad boy of the family. Proof to this is his recent admission in a rehab center due to his alcohol addiction. Now that the Brown family is facing a very difficult time – Ami’s cancer battle – the eldest Brown son finds calm in the comforts of his old habit.

The bad boy back is back to business

According to Radar Online, the Brown siblings are gathered together waiting to take off to a nearby hunting grounds when they have noticed that Matt is missing.

The weather is getting progressively worse and Matt’s absence is causing delay to their hunting trip.

The brothers are angry and find Matt’s absence very ridiculous. Bear is not able to keep his cool and proposes that Matt should be married instead.

Matt picks up beer and girl’s number

Meanwhile, the person they've been waiting for is in town being cozy in a café having coffee with a pretty Brunette. “I do like the polka dots that’s pretty cool,” the 30-year-old lad dibs. He explains that starting a conversation is the hardest part of picking up a connection with girls.

But the “Alaskan Bush People” star has an undeniable charm and certainly knows how to keep women interested. Matt talks about some polka dots trivia and shares that it was invented in the 1950’s at the same time the hula hoop was invented.

He adds that polka music is the inspiration for its name. The new girl who is coincidentally wearing a polka-dotted top seems flattered.

Keeping the new girl entertained, he grabs three water bottles and starts showing off his juggling skills. And to finish off his suave move, he levels up from flirting stage and asks the new girl Amanda to go out with him sometime to fish or go see a movie.

Recent backlash on Bill’s insensitive comments

On the other hand, Matt’s gesture may not sit well with “Alaskan Bush People” fans. They have gathered together recently to show their disappointment towards Bill’s insensitive remarks. The Brown patriarch has opened up the possibility of closing down their Alaskan Bush homestead and move out of Browntown to continue Ami’s medication.

"I don't know how I'm going to live without it," he quipped. This situation has moved the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch in further despair knowing that their family’s situation depends solely on her sickness. And seeing his beloved husband break down doesn't come easy for her.

Catch “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 every Wednesday at 9 PM on the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile, you can watch the clip below.