Alaskan Bush People” fans have been very supportive of the Brown Family throughout the last six seasons of the show. As the family faces a major heartbreak in Season 7 – Ami’s fight with cancer – these fans are coming together to keep Browntown alive. Such gestures prove that viewers have developed a very special kinship with the family and their homestead.

Ami appears frail in a recent photo

Previously on “Alaskan Bush People”, Billy shared Ami’s diagnosis. Doctors have found a mass in her lungs and believe it is Stage 3 Cancer and most probably the early onset of Stage 4.

He then collected their children and tell them what they need to do at this crucial moment.

Shockingly, he came up with the idea of closing down the Browntown and bring Ami to the city for further medication. Their decision to leave the Alaskan wilderness hasn’t been aired yet but the Brown siblings are spotted in Colorado for several outings with fans.

In a recent update posted by a Facebook page for Matt Brown, Ami and Billy are photographed with a fan in Arizona. It is quite noticeable that Ami’s having a hard time while giving a light smile to the camera. She looks frail and her aura is a bit down. But her posture seems better than the last time we saw her. This suggests that she might start undergoing chemotherapy.

On that note, Discovery is putting up a special website where fans can send their letters and tokens for Ami. Their gifts will be collected at one venue and will be sent directly to Ami to keep her fighting spirit up.

Keep Browntown as Ami’s legacy

The “Alaskan Bush People” series has given birth to a number of Facebook fanpages and groups.

There are even groups that are solely dedicated for people who love to complain about the show. But the numbers of these bashers do not compare to the show’s most loyal fans.

These loyal fans embark on a mission to keep Browntown alive in honor of Ami’s battle with cancer. It is known that the Brown family matriarch becomes vulnerable when it comes to family matters.

And when she learns what Billy decides to do with their homestead, it may break her heart emotionally.

These fans have been around since the “Alaskan Bush People” Season 1 debuted 2014 and grew bigger as the series progressed through the years. They feel the need for some action and start campaigning in their own fan groups to keep the Brown’s home in the Alaskan Bush, Inquisitr reported.

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