"Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 is arguably the most challenging phase for the Brown Family. We are just halfway through the season finale but the revelations that unfold in every episode are heartbreaking. For one, Ami's unfathomable cancer struggle and the inevitable sacrifice they need to make for her medications.

Ami's advanced cancer, early onset of Stage 4, seems to crash every hope left for the family to hold on to. But as the pillar and head of the wolf pack, Bill has decided to move out and close down their Alaskan Bush homestead.

Recently, the Brown family is seen in different places around Los Angeles and Colorado.

According to the TWCC TV Listing for "Alaskan Bush People," the Browns are already displaced and now currently struggling through a devastating transition while Ami undergoes testing due to recent health concerns. Moreover, recent reports confirm that the family has already abandoned the Alaskan wilderness.

In depth: Integrity has been spotted in Seattle

My previous article – New Intel confirms Alaskan Bush abandoned – has mentioned the possible reason why the Brown's family boat has been spotted in Seattle. We've also learned that Discovery Channel crew facilitated the transaction and even has a reserved filming of the events.

We also learned that the sale of the boat has been confirmed by the Browns when a close contact from Hoonah neighborhood asked why Integrity is being shipped out.

As it runs out, half of Season 7 will be spent outside the Alaskan Bush and the finale will be enveloped by the question: "Will Ami be able to set foot in the Alaskan soil once more?"

Family boat's sale to be used for Ami's meds

However, some "Alaskan Bush People" fans are asking where they will allocate the sale of Integrity.

We are unable to collect facts and evidence to answer this question. So next best thing to consider is what other supporters and naysayers have to say.

According to those who are constantly following ABP Season 7, the family might have opted to sell off their boat to gather funding for Ami's medications. Cancer treatment is really costly.

In addition, being away from their homestead means they need to pull out cash from their own pocket to spend on food, shelter and other daily stuff. Fans are coming together to pray for the family.

However, critics debunk the idea. Yes, there are people who have constantly believed that the "Alaskan Bush People" series is fraudulent. Take time to scan dedicated groups and pages, then you will see them everywhere.

In the end, DC's "Alaskan Bush People" has opened up a new face of reality-TV experience and it will definitively be missed as it ends with its final salvo Season 7.