Previously on “#Alaskan Bush People” season finale, the Browns are still troubled by Ami’s worsening condition. The kin’s matriarch has received treatment options for her worsening 3B lung cancer. However, she keeps on losing weight, and the doctors see this negatively which could affect the whole process of recovery.

Worse, if the “Alaskan Bush Peoplestar loses another 5 pounds on her weight, the doctors will have to install a G-tube for her to survive. Thus, everything that matters now is the holistic restoration of her body mass to keep up with the whole treatment process.

Worst case scenario

The family asked “Alaskan Bush People” executive producers to interpret the treatment news they have received from UCLA Medical Center. EP Sheila McCormack relays that the doctors prescribe #Ami a radiation procedure. She explains that this radiation process should be done five days a week for about six weeks.

Then after the radiation, Ami will be required to go to another facility where they will put an IV in her, and she gets chemotherapy for about four hours. But the dilemma doesn’t end there. The EP also reveals that there's a potential problem with Ami’s weight. The mother of seven currently weighs 94pounds, and if in case her weight count drops another 5 pounds, the doctors will be compelled to put her on a #Feeding Tube.

What are the Browns up to?

Meanwhile, the “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch is deeply worried about Ami’s health struggle amid receiving word of his wife’s treatment.

He knows she was hurting pretty bad and expressed how it affects the whole family.

He also noted during last Wednesday’s episode of “ABP” that their family is probably in a lot harder road than they’ve ever faced and there’s no doubt about it.

The “Alaskan Bush People” son Bam seconded his father’s sentiment. For him, what’s going on in their family is the most challenging thing they’ve gone through all throughout their time in the Alaskan Bush.

More importantly, because it’s happening to Ami and it’s real cancer.

He even shared that neither “a house burning down,” “a boat sinking," nor "needing 5 stitches” can be a bigger deal compared to the difficulty of having their mom sick.

Where are they exactly?

Meanwhile, I previously reported that the Browns are currently residing in Colorado – “Will a new Browntown spring in Colorado?

[VIDEO]” But, according to People, the family is currently residing somewhere in Southern California after they left the Browntown.

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