Action star Tom Hardy will add another War Movie to his impressive portfolio. The 40-year old actor has plans on producing and starring in a Bosnian war movie. The working title is “My War Gone By, I Miss It So.”

Aside from Hardy, Variety confirmed that Gavin O’Connor and Scott LaStaiti would direct and produce the film. In a sign of bigger things to come, the two gentlemen launched their own entertainment company last year called the Palantir Group.

Unique perspective of war

The upcoming movie derives inspiration for a 1999 novel with the same title.

Anthony Lloyd authored the book where he shares his experience of the Bosnian war first hand. The English journalist and war correspondent documented his travails and personal thoughts throughout the war. His novel also includes bits and pieces from his stint with the British army and his heroin addiction. It also introduces his parent’s divorce and reflections on his failed relationship with his father.

Hardy expressed his deep interest in the story and plotline at hand. According to him, the novel depicts the brutalities and graphic facets of war. At the same time, it offers an insight into the sensitive situations that soldiers often find themselves in. This includes addiction to heroin. Hardy had nothing but praises for the novel.

He agreed to take on this project since he believed the story was a powerful one worth telling.

Author’s firsthand account

Lloyd, the author of the novel, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His family had the military entrenched in their roots. Their childhood stories always included soldier heroes and snippets from the war zone.

With this theme running through his veins, he decided to fly to Bosnia and experience the simmering conflict there. Bosnia was witness to an all-out war between the Serbs, Muslims, Croatians, and Bosnians. It was said to be the most brutal war in Europe in modern times.

His account of the war was irreplaceable, and at the same time, he had to battle one of his life’s biggest challenges: His heroin addiction.

Lloyd’s work received numerous positive feedback and support. Those who have read it express their awe at how raw and honest the novel portrayed the human spirit at war.

Actor, director, and producers confirmed

LaStaiti expressed his excitement to work with Hardy and O’Connor on such an astounding piece of work. Though no other details have been released yet, the novel alone is enough to be interested in the upcoming movie.

At present, Hardy stars in the film “Dunkirk,” written and directed by Christopher Nolan. He starred in several other crime, thriller, and war movies in the past. His first major film was the iconic film Black Hawk Down from 2001. Since then, he has had principal roles in more than ten other projects. In 2015, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the thriller “The Revenant.”