Warner Bros has revealed a new trailer of Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" on May 06, 2017. The film is based on the tense evacuation operation during the time of World War Ii, the trailer is loaded with intense war sequences and mind-blowing emotions.

The first teaser of the movie was released on last December, and it made the hearts of the audiences race, while this new trailer mainly highlights on the plight of soldiers who are trying to escape from Dunkirk, the French Port. Featuring Tom Hardy in the lead role, the film also stars Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Jack Lowden in other crucial roles.

Within 12 hours of its release, the trailer fetched more than 2 million views on YouTube, and the comments indicate that spectators are well receiving it. As of now, it has crossed 80,000 likes on YouTube, while the dislikes are just a meager 800.

'Dunkirk': The legendary evacuation operation

This new trailer of "Dunkirk" showcases the intense efforts of army men to evacuate hundreds of British soldiers using a fleet of civilian ships covered by some airplanes. The visuals of this trailer seem spectacular; thanks to the 65mm films and IMAX cameras which were used to shoot the action scenes.

Nolan, known as the Mr. Perfectionist in Hollywood has captured the beach scenes and airplane attack scenes brilliantly, and he has gone beyond what he did in his previous movies like "Interstellar," "The Dark Knight Trilogy" and "Inception."

The trailer also gives a glimpse of the attack conducted by allied forces on Dunkirk.

As always, this Nolan movie too will be light on dialogues, but heavy on action scenes and visuals. Initial visuals indicate that this film is a tailor-made flick which should be watched on IMAX. The 4K resolution will offer an ultimate visual treat to the viewers and will take them on a thrilling ride through the World War II zone.

Expected box-office prediction for 'Dunkirk.'

'Dunkirk' will be released on 21, July 2017, and it will be projected on 75mm, 35mm, and IMAX. Considering the pre-release hype, record opening is expected for this movie, and owing to its grand release, it may collect more than one billion at the box-office. Nolan's previous release "Interstellar" was a huge hit at the box-office, and it has grossed $675 million worldwide. The film remains a cult classic in the minds of movie lovers, and this flick is also expected to attain the same status upon its release