Matt Groening, best known for creating “The SimpsonsTV Show, is back on the board with a new animated show in the works for Netflix. The online streaming giant announced the production of another Groening project called “Disenchantment.”

It is expected to hit the TV screens within 2018. With Groening’s legacy of creating long-lasting and well-loved material, the new Netflix show will be a front runner as well.

Based on the announcement, Netflix confirmed 20 episodes for the upcoming animated TV show. It will release the first ten come 2018 and the next ten possibly months or a year after.

For now, fans can expect at least two seasons for the animated comedy.

Animation genius

Groening is one of the most famous names in the animation industry. Major credit for the success and longevity of the hit show “The Simpsons” goes to him. At present, it’s the longest running American TV series. Its first episode aired back in 1989, and fresh episodes are available until today.

The 63-year old producer is an immensely talented man. Aside from creating and producing The Simpsons, he is also a cartoonist, writer, animator and voice actor. Additionally, Groening also created “Futurama” which had lengthy seasons starting in 1999 and 2008.

He has won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards for “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” He also has his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Many of his fans are very excited to see new material from the famous producer.

Welcome to the world of dreamland

Disenchantment” follows an untraditional princess named Bean. The creators describe her as a heavy drinker and spend most of her time with her elf companion named Elfo. Lastly, Luci, her demon, completes the trio.

These characters live in a slowly collapsing medieval kingdom ironically called Dreamland.

According to Groening, the adult fantasy show handles serious life topics but injects laughter in between. It tackles themes of love, life, and death. The show’s characters ensure that they live happy and content lives despite all the suffering and hardships surrounding them.

They also demonstrate how to live alongside idiots, know-it-alls, and all the unsolicited advice coming from elders and wizards.

The premise seems to be fully applicable to the modern age despite being an animated show. According to critics, this is one of the reasons why viewers will continue to watch. It’s because they can relate to the characters and their situations.

Cast and crew

Abbi Jacobson, famous for her role in “Broad City,” is part of the voice cast. Nat Faxon and Eric Andre will have roles as well. Josh Weinstein will join Groening as executive producers for the Ululu Company. Animation production studio Rough Draft Studios will oversee all animation needs. Groening experienced working with this impressive group since they handled “Futurama” as well.

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s Vice President for Original Content, cannot hide her excitement for the upcoming show. According to her, Groening’s work has remained relevant and loved by generations across continents. She expressed her optimism that “Disenchantment” will have the trademark Groening animation style. “Disenchantment” would bear his comedic wit which, in her opinion, would be loved by animation fans of Netflix.