Tonight Adele was on the Grammys and started out the night with an amazing performance of her hit song. Adele was fine, but then it was time to do a George Michael tribute, and she didn’t do near as well. This was a very important part of the show, but Adele’s part didn’t go as planned. They talked about how George passed away on Christmas Day.

What happened during Adele’s performance tonight?

Adele got up on the stage looking beautiful and ready to perform. Adele didn’t look like anything could go wrong, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was just her on the stage doing this song.

It was her own arrangement of George's song "Fast Love, " and it was meant to be one of the best songs of the entire night, but that wasn't what happened.

Adele started out singing okay doing George Michael's song. She had on a black dress, and it appeared it would be a perfect performance. She obviously knew the words, but then Adele had issues with the song. She suddenly lost the words and totally forgot what to sing. Adele apologized and had them start over the song for her. She said "I know it's live tv." She then went on saying she couldn't mess it up for him and knew she couldn't curse on television either. Adele wanted to do it right for George Michael. The audience started yelling for her and wanted to support her through it.

Once Adele started singing again, she did a great job. It was very obvious that this was hard on her to mess up, but Adele did a great job with the song once she got past that part. They were showing pictures of George Michael in the background during her entire performance. By the end of the song, it got to her and she got a bit upset.

Adele turned away wiping the tears off of her face. This m ay have been for messing up or may have been for the loss of George Michael. Everyone was cheering her on and Jo Lo even had tears in her eyes as she cheered for her. It was a very touching performance.

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