Things are indeed tough for former "Dance Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller. While waiting for her check-in date in prison, she encountered another problem involving her home in Florida. With that, Miller needs to fly to her hometown to settle the matter.

Dirty pool in Miller's horror house

Miller put in a request with the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania to go to Florida on June 1st to attend to issues with her property in Davenport, Florida. The order was approved, as Miller is facing a code violation following neighbor complaints of a dirty pool.

Radar Online reported that the pool in Miller's Florida home is in an unsanitary condition. It is filled with leaves and had turned green since no one is attending to the house. One of the board members of the homeowner's association had the pool checked. He had it cleaned and filtered to free it from mosquito infestation.

Aside from that, the next door neighbor of Miller also complained about rats coming from her home. Said neighbor even needed to call an exterminator to get rid of the mice.

The "Dance Moms" alum was given until May 26 to fix the issue or else she will be dealing with another case. Fortunately, Miller was able to resolve it by May 15. She requested for a re-investigation after she tended to the condition of her pool.

With that, the case was closed on May 17, and Miller saved herself from another trouble in court.

Prison time is near

Although Miller managed to get out of trouble from her code violation in Florida, she still needs to face another challenge as she goes to jail on June 30. As of now, the former dance teacher doesn't know where she will be detained, but it could either be in Apple Valley or Victorville.

Miller was convicted of fraud when she illegally hides $775,000 in income while going through bankruptcy. The dance instructor previously expressed her fear of being in prison, but she remains positive about it by planning a new project once she is out. She will be serving one year and one day in prison, and she wants to be productive during her stay.

She said that she is currently working on a new book which she will continue writing while in jail. Aside from that, she is also looking forward to a new Broadway show called "Dance Moms: The Musical" which begins production after her sentence. Some of her former dancers from the show will also be part of her new series.

Although Abby Lee Miller is facing many controversies including a rift with former "Dance Moms" student Chloe Lukasiak, many are still hoping that she will eventually return to the small screens as a dance teacher.