Although "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller is now in prison, she spent the last few months before her incarceration on a send-off media tour. She recently sat down for a final pre-prison interview, which aired July 25.

The star was originally supposed to report to FCI Victorville in the middle of June for her 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud, but was granted a reprieve after she professed to having an injured knee that made it impossible for her to enter the unit. Those who have watched "Dance Moms" will know that Abby has a long history of knee problems and has had several surgeries, so it seems a little bizarre that it would prevent her from serving her time in jail.

The star finally reported to the facility last week.

The disgraced reality star sat down for a final interview with "The View" host Jedediah Bila to talk about everything related to her prison sentence, and she made sure to get a word in about her former protege, Maddie Ziegler.

Abby insults Maddie

Abby Lee Miller insulted Maddie Ziegler, her former favorite student. The pair were close during the filming of the show, "Dance Moms," but Maddie left to pursue other projects after starring in Sia's video for her hit song, "Chandelier." Although it seemed she would stay in touch with Abby, who had been a mother figure to her, it is clear something happened behind the scenes that the public isn't privy to.

When asked about Abby in interviews, Maddie often shuts down and says that doesn't want to talk about her, or that she has nothing to say to her.

However, Abby had a lot to say about Maddie during her final interview.

"I look at what she has done, and the other jobs and the other opportunities besides "Dance Moms" - they all involve dancing.

They're all about dance. They're all judging dance, dancing, performing, something. I don't think, had she not been at my studio, she would be where she is today."

However, this isn't exactly true. Maddie has appeared in films where she does not dance at all, such as the animated movie, "Leap." She has also scored a modeling contract with one of the biggest agencies in the business and will pursue a career in the industry.

Maddie's sister Mackenzie calls Abby 'crazy'

During a recent interview with Maddie's younger sister, Mackenize Ziegler, who was also on "Dance Moms," labeled her former dance teacher as "crazy." She also said that she had a "weird obsession" with her older sister and that Abby always wanted her to somehow transform into Maddie, when she is her own person with her own style. It is safe to say that any positive feelings that existed between Abby and Maddie are gone for good.