Jenelle Evans is always on the defense when it comes to the way she is portrayed on "Teen Mom 2." The star insists that things are not always as they seem and presents a picture perfect life with her fiance and children on social media, but what is seen on the TV show is often very different.

Jenelle has admitted she has taken drugs in the past, as has her fiance, David Eason. However the pair maintain that they are both now clean and sober. But as Jenelle and her ex, Nathan Griffith, whom she shares 3-year-old son Kaiser with, engage in a bitter custody battle, it is no wonder that he is throwing shade and allegations their direction.

In the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," Nathan expressed anger that Jenelle got "everything she wanted" in terms of custody agreements regarding their son, Kaiser.

Why does Nathan think David is on drugs?

The allegations that David is doing drugs come from the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2" in which Jenelle meets with him, and they have lunch at a diner to discuss the custody situation with Nathan. During the time David is eating, he is wearing extra-dark sunglasses the entire time, which Nathan tweeted is a sign that he's on drugs.

Jenelle, however, defended her man and stated that David wears transition lenses that become darker when it is bright outside, though some doubted that they would become that dark inside.

Other fans noted that David was actually wearing other glasses underneath his sunglasses, which made them think perhaps he was hiding something from the "Teen Mom 2" audience.

Discord with Jenelle and David

Some suspect that David is hiding a black eye, though it is not proven that it is because of his relationship with Jenelle.

He could have gotten in a bar fight and was embarrassed to show his injuries on national television.

Jenelle, however, has a habit of getting with men who don't seem to care about her all that much and have long criminal rap sheets. Of course, like everyone else Jenelle has dated, David does have a rap sheet that involves drugs.

Although the pair portray themselves as the perfect couple on social media, the premiere episode of "Teen Mom 2" made it incredibly apparent that the pair does suffer problems now and again. During the episode, Jenelle cried that she had no friends and that David was always out with his and therefore they had no real relationship. They ended up making up after a screaming match in front of Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser.

The star has opened up about dark times in her life in her new book.