Abby Lee Miller arrived at the federal Prison two hours before the deadline last Wednesday to begin her sentence of one year and one day for bankruptcy and fraud. So what's it like for the 50-year-old former "Dance Moms" reality star to be behind bars? While she doesn't have the comforts of home, that particular federal prison isn't one of the worst.

About the prison

The former dance instructor is at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California which is near Abby Lee's home in San Bernardino, California. The low-security prison is home to 287 women who have committed non-violent crimes.

The capacity is for 256. It is overcrowded but not by much. On the property is a medium-security prison for male inmates, but the two prisons are not co-ed.

Just like the other women, Miller will be on a meal budget of $1.10. a day. For breakfast, she will get to eat grits, cereal with milk, wheat bread that can be toasted with two pats of butter, and an apple or banana. Breakfast is served at 6 AM and is over at 6:10 AM. whether everyone has finished or not. Lunch is served from 10:30 to 11:10 AM. The menu includes a hamburger, a sandwich or a wrap with garlic macaroni and on Friday, there is baked fish. For dinner, Miller will have lasagna with a garden salad, wheat bread with one pat of butter, and Kool Aid.

On weekends, there is a choice of a sloppy Joe or a taco.

Like everyone else, Miller is subjected to a count five times a day and night. There is a count at 4:30 PM another one at 9:30 PM and midnight. The fourth one is 3 AM, and the last one is at 5 AM.

Miller's job

For the first 30 days, Miller will not work. She will go through orientation, and officials will assess which job to give her.

Some think she might get a kitchen job serving food, but others believe she will eventually get one of the worst jobs just because she is who she is. No matter which prison job she gets, she will be paid only 12 cents an hour after working four hours a day. That means at the end of the month she would have less than $6.00. That is a far cry from the millions she was making before she went to prison.

Miller will be able to use her coins to buy something from the commissionary. Her choices include Pop Tarts, chocolate chip cookies, cough drops, air freshener, playing cards, makeup, sunglasses and other small items.

While there, Abby Lee can spend her time in some recreation programs such as crocheting, drawing or writing songs. She could also take vocational classes. She might have the opportunity to teach the women some dance moves.