Aaron Carter is finally getting serious about his relationship with girlfriend Madison Parker. In one of his latest interviews, the singer has shared about his future plans in terms of marriage and future children with the love of his life. Despite the very difficult week, he faced recently, the singer has kept himself a positive outlook on his life. To recall, Carter has been arrested on drug charges and has faced conflict with his older brother, Nick Carter, on Twitter. With all these situations, the singer was happy since Parker has always been on her side.

Starting his own family

Despite the difficult situation that Carter faced a week ago, the singer has shared to Entertainment Tonight that he now has the plans of starting his own family. He revealed that he wanted to live a peaceful, simple, and happy family together with Parker. As the singer continued, he emphasized that he wanted to get married soon and to be engaged to his long-time girlfriend.

Further, the 29-year old singer has continued to share his plans for the upcoming years. He also added that he wanted to be a good father and a role model to his children. Hence, amid his current situation, it looked as if the young singer wanted to improve more on his way of life.

Meanwhile, as Parker joined the interview with ET, she also shared that both of them met each other through Instagram.

Being a professional photographer has led her way to Carter and eventually, both developed romantic relationship with each other.

Carter being a sweet guy

During their "tell all" interview, Parker continued her statement as she revealed that Carter is a sweet guy and that made her fall in love with him. She added that he is someone who has a big heart for many.

However, lots of people misunderstood the kind of personality that he has.

Meanwhile, the professional photographer also shared that Carter's family and fans have also known him being a good person. She further revealed that her family, most especially her brothers, loved him being her boyfriend.

On the other hand, the "Sooner or Later" singer also revealed that he also loved being with Parker's family.

Apparently, being with them is the only place which he considered his true home. Without a doubt, Parker and Carter have already got along well with each other. And if both choose to get married soon, both of their families will surely be happy about it. As they looked toward to a brighter future, their followers and supporters hope nothing but the best for the two of them.