"Teen Wolf," the MTV's highly anticipated werewolf drama, is coming to an end. Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien have been emotional as the series bids farewell during the final Comic Con panel on Thursday afternoon at the cavernous hall. Apparently, the series cast members took down an emotional trip down the memory lane during the entire run of the series. Before the show gears up for the final ten episodes, Posey and O'Brien have broken down in tears as they recalled the life-changing moments they did in the series.

Final episodes

"Teen Wolf" will only have last ten episodes before it finally bids farewell to its viewers.

Apparently, the series has featured a variety of characters like Tyler Hoechlin, Charlie Carver, and Colton Haynes. Further, a report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that there are no details yet about the upcoming series revival. Nevertheless, the MTV series is expected to leave the audience with the most memorable ending.

As Posey and O'Brien recalled their memories on the series, Posey tried to fight back his emotions during his statement. He recalled that he was only 18 when he started on the show back then. However, "Teen Wolf" has given him lots of experiences to cherish. Further, he also revealed that the TV series has become close to his heart and he cannot help but become emotional as they are about to end.

Reminiscing moments

As the final Comic Con for "Teen Wolf" continued, O'Brien has also reminisced how he became part of the TV series. He recalled the first time that he got a call from his manager about the project and he was left in awe. Meanwhile, O'Brien also shared that the show will always be part of him even though the show ends on the air.

Further, the actor also added that entering his job in "Teen Wolf" was a whole new experience for him. However, he didn't expect that such show has already made a huge change in his life.

As he continued his statement, O'Brien recalled that everyone from "Teen Wolf" is already his family.

It has been seven years since he got into the show and he made a lot of memories while filming for each episode. Apparently, as they finished shooting, he couldn't help but become emotional as they bid farewell. As he ended his statement, he added that he would miss everyone from the cast members and he will also miss the character that he used to play.

Posey and O'Brien have both reflected the time they had spent on the show together, and both felt sad and emotional about it.