Ryan Seacrest has finally confirmed his return to ABC's "American Idol" reboot as a host. The renowned TV star has finally revealed the most awaited announcement to his fans after months of speculations that he will no longer be hosting the reality show amid salary issues with Katy Perry. The 42-year old TV star, who hosted the show for the past fifteen seasons on Fox, was very happy to announce his comeback and to continue the 15-year relationship he made with the reality TV show.

A great comeback

Amid this latest news, a report from Entertainment Tonight has also shared that Seacrest once recalled his time when he auditioned as a host of the reality show.

He revealed that he was once among those terrified auditioners yet he was happy that he was able to make it through. Seacrest also shared that he was not good at rehearsals nor with auditions but he only tried his best for him to be selected for the show.

As he announced his return, the famous TV host has further shared that hosting "American Idol" reboot is indeed a great comeback for him. He revealed that returning to the show has been on his mind for a quite some time. Nevertheless, he decided to disregard the issue and focus on his love for hosting. In one of his interviews, he also once told Entertainment Tonight that he would love to host "American Idol" again.

Grateful for the show

Amid the salary issues that have surfaced online between Seacrest and Perry, the Tv Host has added that "American Idol" means a lot to him.

He also considered the show as a huge part of the success of his career. Hence, the famous TV host couldn't help but be grateful for it. Further, he also added that "American Idol" has provided him with lots of opportunities and experiences. Hence, returning to the show is something that made him happier this time.

Meanwhile, Channing Dungey, the ABC Entertainment Chief, has also shared on his statement that he couldn't think of any other person who can live on the "American Idol" legacy as a host.

Perhaps, Dungey believed that Seacrest will always be the man who can give the life of the show since he has been there during the past seasons.

As Dungey continued, "American Idol" without Seacrest is inconceivable. Without a doubt, he is the only voice which audience will always love to hear as host. An enthusiastic man like Seacrest is the kind of host that the network has long wanted to have. Amid the news, ABC and the entire staff celebrated the return of the renowned TV host.