Anybody who grew up in the mid-late 90s would know about the Backstreet Boys. It also would not be a stretch to know that one of the Boys, Nick Carter, has a younger brother named Aaron, who shot to fame as early as seven years old in the pop and later hip-hop genres. Of course, starting out in the music industry at that age is often a recipe for trouble growing up. Despite a respectfully decent career, Aaron has also found himself in some bad spots. February saw him being attacked in a concert over a perceived racial slur he uttered. Now the singer has been arrested for drunk driving when it is possible he wasn't driving.

'Attack on fame'

On Saturday, July 15, Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker were arrested on charges of Dui and drug possession at Cornelia, Georgia, according to the local sheriff's office. Carter's PR team, however, tells a different account. Publicist Jonathan Ward alleges that his client had actually stopped his car at an Auto Zone shop to have its wheel alignment examined after some time on the road while doing promotions. Police then arrested Carter while out of his car and in the shop for drunk driving, with his companion at the time, Parker, charged with obstruction. He has since been released on bond while Parker remains in jail.

According to Police Captain Floyd Canup, Carter was found with less than one ounce of marijuana on his person.

Ward counters that his client has a medical marijuana license. A look at the security video of the Auto Zone where the arrest happened would also prove that the police made a mistake in arresting the 29-year-old singer for DUI when he was not even driving. Ward adds that his client believes he was targeted by the authorities on account of his fame.

Carter brothers falling-out

The fallout in the wake of Aaron Carter's arrest may have also cast a spotlight on his estrangement from his brother Nick. On Sunday, July 16, the elder Carter posted on Twitter with some supportive words for his brother, adding that the family – still smarting from the loss of their father and patriarch Bob Carter – is with him.

The younger Carter, however, feels that Nick's tweets were merely PR work to make him look good at Aaron's expense. Speaking through a representative he remarked that if Nick were sincere in his statements he would have called him directly instead of resorting to social media.

Due to his DUI arrest Aaron missed a performance in Kansas City. A tweet was posted on his account referring to "transportation issues" as the cause of his cancellation. Jonathan Ward, however, assures fans that the missed event will be made up for, and that Carter will be present at his next stop at Alabama, Tuesday July 18.