Aaron Carter was arrested in Habersham County, Georgia for suspicion of Dui and possession of marijuana. The former Teen Idol is now facing several misdemeanor charges following the Saturday evening arrest. According to Huffington Post Carter's charges include DUI, possession of less than 1 oz. of weed and drug related objects.

Will Aaron Carter return to rehab?

Things took a turn for the worse for Aaron after Carter refused to submit to in field sobriety testing. Carter's current girlfriend, Madison Parker, who was with Carter on Saturday night is also in a bit of legal trouble herself, Parker has also been charged with obstruction and two drug-related charges.

The circumstances leading up to Aaron Carter's recent arrest are interesting.

In 2017 Carter has been beaten up, hospitalized, body shamed and arrested

Just a few hours before the arrest, Aaron's Twitter followers received a message that stated due to 'transportation issues," he would not be able to make it to a scheduled performance in Kansas City. The arrest comes just a weeks after Carter has hospitalized for exhaustion, following a show in Syracuse. Later it was revealed that there was a bit more to Carter's hospital stay than just exhaustion.

Aaron claims that he has experienced a particularly upsetting run-in with a fan had said he looks as if he has cancer. Carter claims the fan was not speaking directly to him, but another fan and he happened to over hear the hurtful remarks.

The two fans carried on with their conversation as Carter listened to the remarks that he needed to eat 5 cheeseburgers because he looks like he is dying."

The comments hurt Carter's feelings who hit back on the social media saying..."They literally won't stop bullying me" and "I'm sorry I'm not fat enough." Aaron feels that he has been unfairly body-shamed, however, it is not the first time that his appearance has been questioned by fans.

The naturally thin singer opened up last year about his 2011 rehab stay at the Betty Ford Center.

During the interview with ET, Carter denied all rumors that stated he was a drug addict. “I drink wine,” he said. “I smoke weed. I have anxiety problems; I take medication for anxiety. I mean, it’s just what it is.”

It has been a rough year for Carter, who has been working to make a comeback with his music career.

In February, Carter was attacked on stage in Bradley, Illinois. During Aaron's performance, a member of the opening band was distracting in the audience, so Aaron ordered security to remove him. As they did, Carter yelled, “Bye Felipe” (a take on Bye Felica) at the man, who is Hispanic. The man became enraged and charged Carter on stage and physically attacked the singer sending him to the hospital bloodied and bruised.

It is obvious that Aaron Carter is going through some personal issues. Hopefully, the 29-year-old singer will get his life back on track shortly.