Everyone knows that Jinger Duggar is totally in love with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and he is out to prove his affection for her as well. The two lovebirds are now on social media and they have been trying to post some photos off and on of their outings. The most recent post was that of the newlyweds going out for a date night over the weekend, and it looks like Jinger got quite spoiled by her hubby.

Romancing a Duggar

What does it take to romance a Duggar daughter? While the "Counting On" girls are usually just happy to stay at home with their husbands, they also love to go out and get treated like queens as well.

It seems that Jeremy Vuolo knows the way to his wife's heart. He took the reality star out for a fun and romantic evening just the two of them.

Jeremy had it all planned out beforehand. It sounds like he loves to surprise his girl. According to Jinger, he took a bouquet of yellow flowers to a restaurant way before they arrived for dinner. He set it up so that the flowers would be served up with their dessert, which was a yummy slice of cheesecake. The surprise even came with a love note for his wife. You sure can't beat, dinner, dessert, flowers, and a love note for date night.

Jinger Duggar's heart is full

The 23-year-old wrote how she was a blessed girl and expressed her love for her husband of eight months.

The Vuolos are still newlyweds and it shows. They are obviously very much in love. As seen in recent episodes of "Counting On," the married couple spends as much time as they can with each other laughing and enjoying their blissful life together.

Jeremy is a pastor of a small church in Laredo, Texas, which is why Jinger Duggar had to move away from her family in Arkansas.

However, as much as she misses her parents, her many siblings, and her nieces and nephews, she seems to be embracing her new life. She is extremely happy, and Duggar fans are certainly happy that she seems to do things just a little different now that she is married.

No babies for this couple yet?

Fans are also waiting for that most anticipated announcement that a Duggar can make; a pregnancy announcement.

That hasn't happened yet, which is highly unusual for this family. After all, look how quickly Jill and Jessa got pregnant. In fact, fans are predicting that newly married couple, Austin, and Joy-Anna Forsyth, will become parents before the Vuolos do. Or maybe they will be pregnant at the same time.

For right now, it looks like Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are just happy with being a family-of-two. She is enjoying being romanced by her husband before any children come along. They may just be doing things a little different than what the rest of the Duggar family does. How soon do you think Jinger and Jeremy will start their family? Will they wait until their first anniversary passes?